How to buy a business with an SBA loan? How much can I borrow with an SBA loan to expand my business? How much can I borrow using my 401k or ROBS as a down payment? Please choose the best loan calculator to best fit your needs:

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NEW SBA and Funding Calculators Released:

  • Total Funding Calculator: How much can I borrow with an SBA loan using cash, 401(k) and IRA retirement funds, ROBS and more. Use this loan calculator to determine how much you can borrow to buy an existing business. here
  • Complete SBA Loan Calculator: Our most popular calculator gives you the SBA loan amount, terms, loan payment and even the amount required for a down payment with or without a seller note or seller participation of an existing business. Available here, this is the only calculator of its kind. Use this loan calculator to determine a complete loan scenario when buying an existing business.
  • Simple Loan Calculator: Mobile friendly and easy to use hereUse this loan calculator for any business loan terms and payment but it defaults to the current SBA 7(a) loan term and interest rate for your convenience.
  • How Much Can I Borrow? How much can I borrow to expand my business? Enter the amount available to you on a monthly basis from your existing business (and affiliated businesses, if applicable) cash flow to find out the loan amount you can qualify for hereUse this loan calculator to give you the amount you can borrow to expand your business, add a location or buy a competitor.
  • Real Estate Purchase and Existing Building Purchase Note: If you occupy at least 51% of your current building, you can buy it with an SBA loan! Use our Complete or Simple Loan Calculators to determine how much you will need for a down payment. If your business has a strong cash flow, you may be eligible for as little as no down payment. Also, did you know you can also get working capital in addition to your building purchase? Use our Complete Loan Calculator for all kinds of options to buy your building and expand your business!
  • Refinance Debt with SBA Loan Calculator: Refinance and consolidate business debt with an SBA loan. Replace high-interest loans with a low-interest SBA 7(a) loan. SBA loans offer lower interest rates and longer terms to decrease your monthly loan payments and improve your cash flow. You can use these savings to apply for additional funds for a variety of uses to grow your business such as working capital, inventory, equipment, advertising, employees, and more. See how much you can save per month by refinancing your existing debt. The calculator will use these savings to determine how much additional expansion capital you may qualify for as a result of the savings and can be found here.

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