Total Funding Calculator

Easily find out how much you may qualify for from a retirement fund rollover and an SBA 7(a) loan. How much can you borrow using cash, retirement funds (401k or ROBS) and other down payment sources to buy a business or expand your company. Using ROBS or 401k as a down payment for an SBA loan is a smart way to get approved for an SBA loan.

  • In order to leave some liquidity after the transaction, we use 90% of available cash source for our calculations.
  • We use a calculation of 80% of total retirement fund sources.
  • We use a calculation of 100% of total stocks and bonds.
  • We use a calculation of 50% of equity in home for our calculations.
  • Current market value minus any remaining mortgage payments.
  • You can use a gift from family or friends that is not borrowed
  • Please select a credit score
  • With seller financing, you may qualify for up to $ 0 which assumes a 10% down payment from you.
    If seller financing is not an option, you may qualify for up to $ 0 which assumes a down payment from you of 20%.
    We require a total equity injection of no less than 20% if no commercial real estate is involved. A combination on buyer down payment and seller financing.

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