Why an SBA Guaranteed Loan?

Learn to Leverage and grow your business!

The US Small Business Administration, or SBA, makes it easier for a bank to lend money by guaranteeing a large portion of that loan for the bank.

One mission of the Small Business Administration is to capitalize small business. It does so by guaranteeing repayment of a large portion of the loan amount to the lending bank, or SBA lender. The fact that the government guarantees that the bank gets a large percentage (sometimes as much as 90%) of the money they are lending makes it “easier” for the bank to lend money to you, a small business owner. It is “safer” for a bank to lend you money through an SBA guaranteed loan. A conventional bank loan is 0% guaranteed so the bank could lose up to 100% of the money that it lends. This is how the current administration is getting money out of the hands of banks and into the economy. Most businesses are small businesses – capital must get into the hands of small business owners in order for the economic recovery to continue.

If you’re a small business owner hoping to expand your current business, open another location, buy your existing location, obtain additional, replace your current financing or even obtain startup financial capital, you’ve come to the right place. YourSBA.com is your partner in navigating the complicated, and sometimes even overwhelming, procedures for obtaining an SBA loan.

Do you occupy 51% of your current business space? Why not buy the building you’re in with an SBA guaranteed loan? Even if you don’t occupy 51%, we have an SBA guaranteed solution for your business.

Did you know?

The SBA serves three main purposes:

  1. Financial Capital for your business. YourSBA.com is dedicated to this purpose.
  2. Maximum Rate: WSJ published prime + 2.75%  Current as of August 18, 2016: 6.25%
  3. No prepayment penalty for loans with maturities of 15 years or less.