Refinance Debt with SBA Loan Calculator

Did you know you can refinance business debt with an SBA loan? SBA loans offer lower interest rates and longer terms to decrease your monthly loan payments and improve your cash flow. You can use these savings to apply for additional funds for a variety of uses to grow your business such as working capital, inventory, equipment, advertising, employees, and more.

Complete the debt schedule below to see how much you can save per month by refinancing your existing debt. The calculator will use these savings to determine how much additional expansion capital you may qualify for as a result of the savings.

  • Creditor (Nickname)Current Balance*Interest RateMonthly Payment*Loan is Current?Real Estate? 
  • The average monthly cash flow of the business after subtracting required expenses and payroll. Note that you can add the following expenses back to the cash flow: depreciation, amortization, interest expense, owner’s salary, and one-time or extraordinary expenses.

Please enter the Current Balance and Monthly Payment for at least one loan.

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