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SBA Loan iPhone App and SBA Loan Calculator iPhone App Released on the Apple iTunes App Store increases your chance of being approved for a small business SBA loan by 500%. Find out how much you qualify to borrow and receive an instant pre-approval with no credit check. If you’re somewhere in the process of applying for an SBA loan this iPhone app is essential. Free, easy and secure. Includes our popular SBA Loan Calculator, Business Loan Calculator, How Much Can I Borrow Calculator, Total Funding Calculator, SBA Loan Scenario and more.
Loan Calculators for SBA Loan Introduces New SBA Loan Calculator Suite: SBA Loan Calculator, ROBS Funding and "How Much Can I Borrow" Loan Calculator

How much can I borrow with an SBA loan to buy a business? How much can I borrow to expand my company? How to use an SBA loan to buy a business? How to buy out your partner with an SBA loan? How to buy a building with an SBA loan? Now, you can easily find out.
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401(k), IRA Rollover, ROBS Financing Offered Free of Charge offers small business financing using funds from your retirement account — for free. will offer 401(k) and IRA rollover financing at no charge to users of its easy-to-use and free SBA lending platform, YourEdge™.
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UPDATED: What Would a Fed Rate Increase Mean for SBA Lending?

LOS ANGELES, CA (PR Newswire) UPDATED: DECEMBER 2, 2016 - Many speculate the Federal Reserve is set to raise the base interest rate for banks. What will be the impact on SBA lending? We will follow this story for our clients, business…
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Fed rate increases: What does this mean for SBA lending?

LOS ANGELES, CA (PR Newswire) DECEMBER 18, 2015 - Fed gives banks 25 basis points for the holidays. What is the impact on SBA lending? Michael Baumann is CEO of, leading national SBA experts for business acquisition financing.…